Referendum Result just in

Yes 965 (84%) 
No 190 (16%)

The full results can be seen here

Referendum - 18th August!

Finally we are able to announce the date of the Referendum on the 'CRTBO' - it will be 18th August, 2016.

This referendum will give you the opportunity to vote on the CLT's proposal to build 10 affordable homes in  Lawnside/Bunting Hill and also make sure they will never be sold. These homes will be available to rent firstly to those on the Stroud Housing List that have Nailsworth connections.

There will be no cost to the town (other than the existing, agreed set-up costs for the CLT). The building of the homes will be funded by Aster Homes and this funding will be serviced by the rent from the properties.

  • The full details of the CRTBO - Community Right to Build Order can be found here
  • The Timetable is here
  • More information from Stroud District Council is here

We will be producing a leaflet about the CRTBO and delivering it to all households in Nailsworth Parish

To make sure your voice is heard please vote on 18th August, or make sure that you apply for a postal vote.


We are delivering a leaflet to all houses in Nailsworth. You can also download a copy here by clicking on this image.

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