Nailsworth Community Land Trust

  • Run by volunteers
  • 10 Homes built already
  • Exploring other sites in town

A local group creating community owned housing in Nailsworth.

Our first site, Valley View by Lawnside in Forest Green, opened in 2019. It has 6 flats and 4 houses and will be owned by the community forever. 

About Nailsworth Community Land Trust

NCLT is a community- led organisation, operating in the area of Nailsworth Parish. What is most important is that the community area is one that people identify with as, somewhere they live and/or work.

The CLT is run by local volunteers. It is set up to develop and own land and buildings the community needs. It holds that property in trust - it can never be sold for private profit. Any surplus from the CLT's activities is reinvested in the community.

More information about Nailsworth CLT will follow